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Flower Gift Giving Guide For All Occasions

Flower Gift Giving Guide For All Occasions

Flowers are always a safe go-to option when you need to give a gift. Whether it’s a birthday, an engagement, or even Mother’s Day, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers will always be appreciated.

However, did you actually know that there’s a lot that goes into giving flowers as a gift? You can’t just go to the store and pick out a bouquet that looks the best to you. Every flower has a special meaning, and you have to pick the right one for the occasion.

If you’re a bit clueless about how to give flowers as gifts, don’t worry. Our flower gift-giving guide for all occasions will help you!

What Types Of Occasions Should You Give Flowers On?

Flowers make for great gifts on any occasion! Here’s a list of occasions where flowers will bring a smile to the receiver’s face:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Housewarming
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Baby Shower
  • Bridal Shower
  • Get Well Soon
  • Graduation
  • Mother’s Day
  • Thank You
  • Offering Condolences
  • Christmas or Thanksgiving

What Types Of Flowers Are Appropriate For Gift Giving?
Certain types of flowers suit certain occasions. There are two things to note here: type of flower and color. Each holds its own meaning, so you don’t want to end up giving the wrong type of flower for the occasion.

Flower types

These flowers portray love, so they’re the perfect type to give to your significant other.
Suitable for: weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day.

Calla Lillies

Calla Lilies
Calla lilies are very elegant flowers, making them perfect for formal occasions.
Suitable for: any formal occasion, such as a wedding or engagement.

These large flowers are a popular choice in sympathy bouquets. They are often thought to represent the innocence of the departed soul.
Suitable for: funerals.

These popular flowers represent joy and are often found in bouquets.
Suitable for: nearly any occasion, but pair them up with other flowers.


These flowers represent pure and heartfelt emotions. They’re perfect for giving out when you want to show someone how much you care about them.
Suitable for: anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, thank you bouquets

This flower type literally represents motherly love.
Suitable for: Mother’s Day

These flowers mostly speak for themselves. Roses are perhaps the most popular flower choice when it comes to giving gifts. Just pick the right color, but more on that later.
Suitable for: nearly any occasion, just pick the right color.

These elegant flowers represent excellence and are great for multiple occasions.
Suitable for: graduation, thank you bouquets, weddings.


Dahlias may not be a popular gift choice, but these flowers represent change and excitement.
Suitable for: housewarming, bridal shower, baby shower.

These popular garden plants also make for an excellent gift! They represent comfort and true friendship.
Suitable for: birthdays and thank you bouquets.

Winter Jasmine
These winter flowers are an excellent choice for winter occasions.
Suitable for: Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Flower Colors
· Red: true love and passion, respect, courage
· White: pure and innocent love, sympathy
· Yellow: friendship, happiness, joy
· Pink: admiration, gentleness, femininity
· Orange: excitement, enthusiasm
· Blue: tranquility, peace
· Purple: success, royalty
· Lavender: grace, elegance, youthfulness
· Green: good health, fortune, rebirth

Final Thoughts
This may seem like a lot of information being thrown at you, and it is, but you really don’t have to worry too much about remembering it. If you go to a good florist, they should recommend the perfect type and color of flower for the occasion.